Multiplexes of Nepal – 2017

A multiplex is a movie theater complex with multiple screens, typically more than one screen within a single complex. The history of multi-screen theaters is relatively new in Nepal. However, over the last decade we have seen a rapid growth of multiplexes both in and outside the valley.

We thought it would be interesting to know a little more about these multi-screen theaters. Here, we present you with the list of the top 10 multiplexes of Nepal in terms of Number of seats.

Sources: Survey, Film development Board, GOV, Nepal.

The Results

The Everest Top 10 Multiplexes of Nepal (Seating Capacity) for the year 2017 are:

RankMultiplexLogoNo.of Seats
1. Gopi Krishna Hall Gopi Krishna HallGopi Krishna Hall1. Gopi Krishna Hall
2. Astanarayan PicturesAstanarayan PicturesAstanarayan Pictures2. Astanarayan Pictures
2. Guna CinemasGuna CinemasGuna Cinemas3. Guna Cinemas
4. Barahi MoviesBarahi MoviesBarahi Movies4. Barahi Movies
5. QFX (Civil Mall)QFX (Civil Mall)QFX (Civil Mall)5. QFX (Civil Mall)
6. Big MoviesBig MoviesBig Movies6. Big Movies
7.F-cube Cinemas F-cube CinemasF-cube Cinemas7.F-cube Cinemas
8. QFX KumariQFX KumariQFX Kumari8. QFX Kumari
9. QFX (Labim Mall) QFX (Labim Mall) QFX (Labim Mall)9. QFX (Labim Mall)
10. QFX JalmaQFX JalmaQFX Jalma10. QFX Jalma