Everest 60 Top Higher Secondary Schools of Nepal

Everest 60 Top Higher Secondary Schools of Nepal is a ranking of all the colleges offering +2 courses in Nepal.

At the time of commencement of the survey, we found out that there are approximately 6400 schools and colleges across the country offering +2 courses. Out of these, 416 schools alone were located inside the Kathmandu Valley.

One of the interesting figures that we came across during the course of the survey was that ‘The Pass Out Record’. We had access to grade XI and XII ‘Pass Percentage’ data and it was 39.94 % (2069) and 44.13 % (2070) respectively. A total number of 2,85,468 students had appeared for the XI examinations and 2,42,480 for the XII examinations from all over Nepal in those years.

Historical data showed that these particular years were no exception. In both these Examinations, the pass percentage has consistently been below 50% over the years.

Table below shows data of past six years.


Given the probability of acquiring information about all the six thousand plus schools spread all over the country , we knew it would be a futile exercise. Hence, more out of compulsion than desire, we chose to confine our survey to schools located inside the valley.

We provide here the final list, along with a summary of our ranking methodology. Everest List team thanks all those who have contributed to this initiative and congratulates the winners!

The Survey

We surveyed colleges primarily via various contacts. However, we failed to gain the kind of information we were looking for from majority of schools and colleges we approached. Hence, the main source of information has been largely confined to whatever information that was available on the official websites of the respective colleges and schools.

  • Student Acceptance Criteria (Number of IT students applied this year / Number of IT students enrolled this year)
  • Student Faculty Ratio (Total number of current teachers / Total number of current students)
  • Pass Percentage Ration ( Number of students appeared in board exams / Number of students successfully completed the course )
  • Infrastructure (The quality of the college’s infrastructure)
  • Facilities (Facilities available in the school)

It was, of course, a challenge to get all this data and we admit that we were compelled to make best guesses whenever exact numbers were not readily available.

The Ranking

We arrived at the final ranking on the basis of the following weights:

Student Faculty Ratio: 10%Pass Percentage Ratio: 5%
Student Class Size : 5%Computer Labs / Internet: 20%
Student Acceptance Rate: 10%Conveyance, Hostel, Canteen: 15%
Pass Percentage : 5%Campus Area, Student Council: 15%
Computer Science Offered : 5%Moderator’s discretion: 10%

The Results

The top 10 Higher Secondary Schools of Nepal for the year 2012 are:

1. Budhanilkatha School Budhanilkatha SchoolBudhanilkatha School
2. Rato Bangla SchoolRato Bangla SchoolRato Bangla School
3. Little Angles SchoolLittle Angles SchoolLittle Angles School
4. St. Xaviers SchoolSt. Xaviers SchoolSt. Xaviers School
5. St.Mary's School St.Mary’s SchoolSt.Mary's School
6. Gyanodaya Bal BatikaGyanodaya Bal BatikaGyanodaya Bal Batika
7. Brihaspati Vidya SadanBrihaspati Vidya SadanBrihaspati Vidya Sadan
8. Chelsea International Academy Chelsea International AcademyChelsea International Academy
9. GEMS ( Graded English Medium School ) GEMS ( Graded English Medium School ) GEMS ( Graded English Medium School )
10. Kathmandu University High School Kathmandu University High School Kathmandu University High School

The remaining 50 Top Higher Secondary Schools of Nepal for the Year 2012 are:

11Prasadi Academy
12 VS Niketan Higher Secondary School
13Kathmandu BernHart College
14 United Academy
15 Ullens Higher Secondary School
16 Bhanubhakta Memorial College
17Lincoln Higher Secondary School
18 Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School
19New Summit Higher Secondary School
20 Madan Bhandari Memorial College
21 Adarsha Vidya Mandir higher Secondary School
22 Triyog Higher Secondary School
23 Campion College
24 Reliance International Academy
25Morgan International college
26Gyan Niketan Higher Secondary School
27Chandbagh Secondary School
28Kamana International College
29St. Lawrence College
30 Golden Gate International College
31Telic International Model English School
32Himalayan White House International Higher Secondary School
33Saurya International Higher Secondary School and College
34Canvas International College
35 Saipal Academy
36 Bridgewater International College
37 Sahid Smarak College
38 Rehdon College And School
39Gyankunj Higher Secondary School and College
40Capital College of Research center (CCRC)
41Takshashila College
42 Laboratory School
43 Rising Star Higher Secondary School
44Herald International College
45 Glacier International College
46Sirius English Boarding School
47Kamal English Boarding School
48Arunima Higher Secondary School
49 Sigma Higher Secondary School
50Mangal higher secondary school
51Pyramid International Higher Secondary School
52Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School
53 Pentagon International College
54Princeton High School
55 Olympia World Higher Secondary School
56Aliance Higher Secondary School
57Shree Kanjirowa National Higher Secondary School
58Classic Academy
59Nasa International Higher Secondary School
60 Cambridge Higher Secondary School