Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal 2012

Everest 25 Top IT Colleges

Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal is a ranking of colleges offering Bachelors and/or Masters degrees in fields related to Information Technology and we provide here the final list, along with a summary of our ranking methodology. Everest List team thanks all those who have contributed to this initiative and congratulates the winners!

The Voting

Voting was open during the months of September, October, and November 2012 via Facebook. Anyone with a Facebook account was able to vote for up to 3 colleges. The voting results are here. Since voting normally takes the form of popularity contest, we also did some survey to arrive at the final ranking.

The Survey

We surveyed colleges, via various contacts, using the following criteria:

  • Student Acceptance Criteria (Number of IT students applied this year / Number of IT students enrolled this year)
  • Student Faculty Ratio (Total number of current teachers / Total number of current students)
  • Infrastructure (The quality of the college’s infrastructure)
  • Elective Courses that reflect industry needs (An assessment of whether the offered elective courses are relevant to the current needs of the IT industry)
  • Academia-Industry Partnership (The strength of the college’s relationship with IT companies)
  • Job Placement Rate (Number of IT students graduated last year / Number of those students with jobs this year)

It was, of course, a challenge to get all this data and we admit that we were compelled to make best guesses whenever exact numbers were not readily available.

The Ranking

We arrived at the final ranking on the basis of the following weights:

  • Voting: 20%
  • Student Acceptance Rate: 10%
  • Student Faculty Ratio: 10%
  • Infrastructure: 10%
  • Elective Courses: 10%
  • Academia-Industry Partnership: 10%
  • Job Placement Rate: 10%
  • Panel’s Rating: 20%

The Results

The Top 10 IT Colleges in Nepal for the Year 2012 are:

Rank College Logo
Tribhuvan University – Institute of Engineering
Kathmandu University – School of Engineering
Nepal Engineering College
Khwopa Engineering College
Deerwalk Institute of Technology
Advanced College of Engineering and Management
Kathmandu Engineering College
Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences
Nepal College of Information Technology
St Xavier’s College

The remaining 15 top IT Colleges in Nepal for the Year 2012 are:

Rank College
11 Aryan School of Engineering
12 Kantipur City College
14 Kathford International College of Engineering & Mgmt
15 College of Information Technology and Engineering
16 Islington College
17 NCCS College of IT & Management
18 Amrit Science Campus
19 Pokhara Engineering College
20 Kantipur Engineering College
21 Himalaya College of Engineering
22 New Summit College
23 Patan Multiple Campus
24 Nagarjun Academy
25 Himalayan WhiteHouse International College

Final Note

As with most contests in the world, Everest List’s rankings have been controversial to some extent but we assure you that we have tried our best to be as fair as possible with the available resources at our disposal. It is only our hope that whatever lists we have arrived at will be beneficial to the Nepalese community at large. We strive to improve ourselves in the future and we very much welcome your suggestions.

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88 thoughts on “Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal 2012

  1. I am student of College of Applied Business CAB but where iz Kathmandu engineering college KEC.and.kist colz ……fake list just for …

      • If KEC and KIST are just added, then how could you rank college without proper ranking, I think this is random ranking, Is is it just your hobby or you are doing this just for fun. lol Admin

  2. We may have missed some colleges. Please provide the websites of those colleges that are offering IT courses, and we will add them.

    • Based on DWIT on top list, it sure that this ranking has no value. We know well that DWIT still has not any passed out from BSS.CSIT. SO, there is no job placement. SO, that can’t be by any means fair.

      • hey lasang are you from DWIT. If yes then tell me how is the college. Is it good or not?? I am one of the IT student from the softwarica college and my second semester has ended but i found softwarica college to be a bad college and the main point is my parents are telling me to study in DWIT so will any one tell me more things about DWIT. Please comment i am worried about losing my 1 year time as well as money spent in softwarica college.

        • yes Softwarica, Islington,. and british college are cheats. i am thinking of moving to another college from softwarica too. DWIT and St Xaviers are my top two choices for computer science.

        • I cant say you which college is best because it depends upon your career path as well as your economic status. You cant rely on this listing. To my knowledge, EVEREST sensor defiantly puts DWIT on top list because this EVEREST list and DWIT is somehow related. But, wee cant deny DWIT is good college, however, the charge is expensive, more than 8 lakh for whole course. While College like St. Xaviers provides BSC.CSIT at around 3.5 lakh and has well infrastructure too. Other options for BSC.CSIT are ASCOL, PATAN, NEW SUMMIT, KATHFORD, etc.

        • there’is no doubt about the status of dwit..i mean it’s the finest college for bsc csit and i think it will be the no 1 it college in upcoming 2 or 3year

  3. Yet another publicity stunt by colleges providing less quality education and taking more fees….n m damn sure they will collect votes by hook or by crook and prove themselves best…while IOE and KU will not give a damn about such polls, other colleges will do all it can to get more vote…may be this is the only way they can add a achievement category in their brochure

    • When we checked Pokhara University’s School of Engineering website, we did not find any IT courses being offered. Can you please confirm the IT courses, if any, being taught there?

  4. I don’t think most of them are IT colleges, I mean most of them don’t have IT courses as their main courses. Shouldn’t the top IT college be that college which is purely an IT based college. Just my opinion though.

  5. This is just a listing of colleges and ask their students to vote, this website is mentained by Deerwalk Institute of Technology and their concern and they want to prove themselves as the best of others.

    अरुले तपाई नभने पनि आँफै मपाई गर्ने मात्र गरेर केहि हुने वाला क्षैन ।

    The result obtained will not be a genuine and trustworthy!

  6. sir/admin…….i’m currently studing bsc(hons)IT at softwarica college of IT and E-commerce……….but i’ve cleared entrance examinatin of IOST(institute of Science and technology) TU affiliated…..and i’m capable to study bsc csit TU affiliated. so please give me the suggestion what should i do??? which one is the best?? BSC CSIT or BIT???

  7. Whoever is doing this research, Please be advised make sure that of, how many colleges are of IT. lots of colleges are not listed on ur list.and another thing, post by priks is reasonable.

  8. So sad. Not seen TU CDCSIT even in the voating list ! I think nobody knows there is also Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in TU kirtipur !

  9. haha Top 5 ma DWIT?????? DWIT kati nai vayo ra aahko ani kati student 6 tya?????? aafai survey garne re ani aafnai college parne….ani voting chai kna count garne hola…aafnai colz hal6 ni vote…mar6 ho deerwalk le hasai hasai :D

  10. This is to notify u that only 3 colleges in Nepal are offering Bachelor of Engineering in IT i.e COSMOS College Of Management & Technology(http://www.cosmoscollege.edu.np), Nepal College Of Information & Technology and Everest Engineering and Management college . No other colleges provide such degree in Nepal.

    • 1) Pulchowk,IOE,TU offers Computer engineering….
      2) KU-SOE offers computer engineering….
      3) Gandaki college of engineering and science offers only software engineering (no other programs than S.E)….
      4) Nepal Eng. College offers Computer engineering….
      and many others……

      YO haru IT sector sanga related vana ra ????? and for more info: These are the 4 out of 5 permanent Members of Engineering Council….NEC been recently added….

  11. We have considered IT in a broad perspective and not in a narrow manner that many may have thought of. Hence, this list comprises of colleges who offer any of the following courses:
    - Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS)
    - Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
    - Bachelor of Information Management(BIM)
    - Bachelor of Information Technology(BIT)
    - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology
    - Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA)

  12. why would people even think that studying computer software is some kind of engineering? there are only three engineering fileds civil, mechanical and electrical. all others are senseless.

  13. How can the DWIT be in top 5? DWIT is very new in the market and none of the graduate has even entered in the market. St. Xavier’s College should be on the top. Please also focus on the creativity of the students rather than the study source. If u consider this, St Xavier’s gonna be on Top.

  14. hey lasang are you from DWIT. If yes then tell me how is the college. Is it good or not?? I am one of the IT student from the softwarica college and my second semester has ended but i found softwarica college to be a bad college and the main point is my parents are telling me to study in DWIT so will any one tell me more things about DWIT. Please comment i am worried about losing my 1 year time as well as money spent in softwarica college

  15. eeeh saara faadi list kasle pattauxa ,,, baru eha comment garne students please suggest me the best college for bsc csit …..

  16. I don’t know started this but it must be somebody who is doing this not for something good, instead to highlight and promote their own colleges. Good colleges are not named or listed at the bottom. Islington college is a good college but is ranked low. Softwarica College has not been listed. My friends are studying at Softwarica college and Islington college and doing great at the moment. Softwarica College is emerging as a good IT college in Nepal providing good education. Also, softwarica college is standing itself as a pure IT college with lot of international tie ups like Cisco, EC council, etc. Islington college is more focussed on students placement.

    Also, who ever is the judge here, please kindly find out what is the percentage of individual college students who are into employment. Please don’t try to give false impression as people will laugh at you.

    • Thanks for your comments, Arina.

      This is not a one time list.

      I am sure with next update lots of ranking will change. And we appreciate people like you to help the rest of the aspiring students of Nepal by telling more about the college.

  17. Great job initiated. Please ensure its continuity. Method adopted is quite satisfactory but difficult to collect correct data. It will be improved with time.
    Congratulations for this wonderful work.

  18. This is BULL SHIT!! DWIT is no where close to top 5 list as its damn fresh college and there is no way we can judge it yet!! DWIT & this bullshit website is own by same people. That’s how they have listed their college in the list. Fair judgement would had been appreciable. Poor thing!!!

  19. hello “BS”, you can DWIT out as give benefit to your doubt. How about other colleges? can you point us to better ranking created by somebody else? we appreciate your candid feedback. thank you.

  20. St. Xavier’s kasari aayo top 10 ma???
    na ta teachers well qualified chhan!!
    na ta college le industry partership garya chha..
    na ta ramro job placement ko laagi help garchha!!!
    na ta kehi extra cirricular activities related to IT garauchha!!!
    lastai hawa college ho SXC!!!

  21. This is a junk. Darewalk handles the admin of this site and they put their own college at first in BSc.CSIT. This is a fraud and misinformation to enroll students as admission process is going on.
    Can Darewalk give answer of these questions below?
    1. How many students did you enroll last year and before last year?
    2. How many people did pass the exams taken by TU?
    3. As you are in 5th semester – how many pass out students got job?
    4. How many colleges did you research as no other colleges are aware about it?
    Misleading information is a crime and I am sure you gonna end up at Hanuman Dhoka in few days.

  22. Santosh,
    Tell me why we take the top to printed by “Nepal magazine”, a Kantipur Publication? Why should we believe their ranking? So as much as I share your sentiment, I do not think they are misleading anyone. A good student always checks everything about a college – so if DWIT is saying something wrong, its pretty evident that soon students will lose faith in DWIT and no one will study in DWIT. I have been to DWIT and talked to them and I advice you can go and talk to them. They are very welcoming.

  23. College of Applied Business (CAB) is the college that is running Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) since fourteen years and produced numerous university toppers. Similarly, CAB’s BScCSIT students have been continuously exhibiting their expertise and it is surprising your ‘TOP List?’ not even mentioning them.

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