Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal 2012

Everest 25 Top IT Colleges in Nepal is a ranking of colleges offering Bachelors and/or Masters degrees in fields related to Information Technology and we provide here the final list, along with a summary of our ranking methodology. Everest List team thanks all those who have contributed to this initiative and congratulates the winners!

The Voting

Voting was open during the months of September, October, and November 2012 via Facebook. Anyone with a Facebook account was able to vote for up to 3 colleges. The voting results are here. Since voting normally takes the form of popularity contest, we also did some survey to arrive at the final ranking.

The Survey

We surveyed colleges, via various contacts, using the following criteria:

  • Student Acceptance Criteria (Number of IT students applied this year / Number of IT students enrolled this year)
  • Student Faculty Ratio (Total number of current teachers / Total number of current students)
  • Infrastructure (The quality of the college’s infrastructure)
  • Elective Courses that reflect industry needs (An assessment of whether the offered elective courses are relevant to the current needs of the IT industry)
  • Academia-Industry Partnership (The strength of the college’s relationship with IT companies)
  • Job Placement Rate (Number of IT students graduated last year / Number of those students with jobs this year)

It was, of course, a challenge to get all this data and we admit that we were compelled to make best guesses whenever exact numbers were not readily available.

The Ranking

We arrived at the final ranking on the basis of the following weights:

  • Voting: 20%
  • Student Acceptance Rate: 10%
  • Student Faculty Ratio: 10%
  • Infrastructure: 10%
  • Elective Courses: 10%
  • Academia-Industry Partnership: 10%
  • Job Placement Rate: 10%
  • Panel’s Rating: 20%

The Results

The Top 10 IT Colleges in Nepal for the Year 2012 are:

Rank College Logo
Tribhuvan University – Institute of Engineering
Kathmandu University – School of Engineering
Nepal Engineering College
Khwopa Engineering College
Deerwalk Institute of Technology
Advanced College of Engineering and Management
Kathmandu Engineering College
Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences
Nepal College of Information Technology
St Xavier’s College

The remaining 15 top IT Colleges in Nepal for the Year 2012 are:

Rank College
11 Aryan School of Engineering
12 Kantipur City College
14 Kathford International College of Engineering & Mgmt
15 College of Information Technology and Engineering
16 Islington College
17 NCCS College of IT & Management
18 Amrit Science Campus
19 Pokhara Engineering College
20 Kantipur Engineering College
21 Himalaya College of Engineering
22 New Summit College
23 Patan Multiple Campus
24 Nagarjun Academy
25 Himalayan WhiteHouse International College

Final Note

As with most contests in the world, Everest List’s rankings have been controversial to some extent but we assure you that we have tried our best to be as fair as possible with the available resources at our disposal. It is only our hope that whatever lists we have arrived at will be beneficial to the Nepalese community at large. We strive to improve ourselves in the future and we very much welcome your suggestions.