Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

Everest T00 Top IT Companies

The wait is over! The result of the first ever survey of IT companies in Nepal is out.  We officially have the list of 100 Top IT companies in Nepal.  Out of the 100, the top 10 list is based on survey results combined with popular voting. The ranking of the remaining 90 is based solely on voting.

The Background

An open voting forum was posted on a popular blog, EverestUncensored.Org in February 2012 with a list of 100 companies. Requests for adding companies to that list came from different parts of the country and a further 33 companies were added. The soaring interest in and enthusiastic responses to the list inspired us to start a new ranking site and a fresh voting was started in EverestList.org in May 2012.  Then, we felt the need for undertaking a survey of the companies to arrive at a fairer ranking based on various parameters and not just on popular voting. Our partner Deerwalk Institute of Technology coordinated the survey on our behalf.

The Survey

The survey questionnaires were designed to get basic information related with a software firm without getting into confidential ‘core corporate information’. Some of the information collected were: Number of Employees, Working Days, Work Hours, Average Salary, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Medical Benefits, Pickup/Drop Facility, Canteen Facility/Subsidy, Stock Options, Internet Connectivity, Internet Backup, Power Backup, Business Continuity, Business Model, etc.

The Ranking

Ranking for the top 10 was based on the following weights: Survey Results (70%); EverestList Voting Results (20%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%). Ranking for the remaining 90 was based on the following weights: EverestList Voting Results (50%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%).

The Results

Verisk Information Technologies, formerly D2HawkeyeServices, has emerged as the top IT company in Nepal for the year 2012.  Congratulations! Incidentally, this company has the highest number of employees in the IT industry in Nepal. Verisk Information Technologies is a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, Inc, USA.

Deerwalk Services has taken the second position. Although a relatively young company, Deerwalk is one of the fastest growing companies in Nepal and is building various products targeting the US Healthcare industry. Deerwalk Services is a subsidiary of Deerwalk, Inc, USA.

BrainDigit IT Solution has secured the third position. Interestingly, this company too happens to be relatively young company. BrainDigit IT Solution is a subsidiary of BrainDigit Technologies Corporation, Canada.

The top 10 IT companies in Nepal for the year 2012 are:

Rank Company Logo
Verisk Information Technologies
Deerwalk Services
BrainDigit IT Solution
Sprout Technology
WebSearch Professional
CAD Nepal
Janaki Technology
Eval Technologies
HiTech Solutions & Services

The remaining 90 top companies in Nepal for the year 2012 are:

Rank Company
11 Young Innovations
12 Imagine Web Solution
13 Smart Designs
14 F1Soft International
15 Bent Ray Technologies
16 Pracas Infosys
17 SoftNEP
18 Peace Nepal DOT Com
19 MountDigit Technology
20 Digital Max Solutions
21 Javra Software Nepal
22 Semicolon Developers Network 
23 Waituk
24 Pioneer Solutions Nepal
25 Bajra Technologies
26 IT Nepal
27 Curves n’ Colors
28 WorldLink Communications
29 CrossOver Nepal
30 ebPearls
31 Serving Minds
32 IT Offshore Nepal
33 Leapfrog Technology Nepal
34 Focusone Nepal
35 Jasper IT Solutions
36 Agile Solutions
37 Synergy Tech
38 LinkTree
39 Nepasoft Solutions
40 Mercantile Communications
41 Young Minds Creation
42 Centerpoint Networks
43 Alternative Technology
44 IT Himalaya
45 Swastik IT
46 Doodle Creation
47 Neolinx
48 TechnoSpace
49 Professional Computer System
50 Web Creation Nepal
51 Beltronix
53 Avenues Nepal
54 Best Nepal
55 Dreams & Ideas
56 Asteroid Venture
57 Unisoft Solutions
58 Zobysoft
59 WebTech Nepal
60 Lux Infotech
61 Ant Software
62 Arhant Solutions
63 Sabaiko Technologies
64 Yakso Technologies
65 Café SourceCode Nepal
66 Designco Nepal
67 Nepal Media Network
68 Datasphere IT Consultancy
69 Everest Net
70 Nexus Nepal
71 Techminds Network
72 e-Zone International
73 Data Analysis & Software Solutions
74 Nepal KC Consulting
75 Nepal Software Developer
76 Iweb Nepal Technologies
77 Orasoft
78 SmartChoice Technologies
79 Softwebs Nepal
80 Tulips Technologies
81 Website Design Nepal
82 Codemandu Software
83 Dryice Solutions
84 Nyatapol Technologies
85 Sparc Technologies
86 View Nepal
87 WORXpro
88 Capital Eye
89 Cyberlink
90 Incessant Rain Animation Studios
91 Nepal Web Development
92 New Harvest Softwares
93 Rigo Technologies
94 Radiant InfoTech Nepal
95 Easy Software
96 Gajur Technology
97 Colors to Web
98 Namaste Technology
99 Nepal Link Network
100 Shangrila Microsystem

Final Note

We would like to thank all the participating companies and the public in helping us arrive at this list. We would like to assure you that this competition is not in favor of any particular company and is solely an initiative to bring some light to the IT space in Nepal. It has been an arduous task to compile all data but, at the same time, we are excited by the responses we have had.

Come next year, we are confident that Nepalese IT firms will reach greater heights and we will also see emergence of new companies in our top list. And, finally, we were pleasantly surprised to find, during the course of the entire exercise, that this Everest 100 List happens to be the most comprehensive compilation of IT Companies in Nepal – something that never existed before.

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78 thoughts on “Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

    • “BrainDigit, Big Idea Comes Naturally”, founded in 2008, is a team of IT professionals who have developed Content Management System named “SageFrame” based on Microsoft Platform.They are among the best-known web application developers in Joomla (PHP) for our quality products and competitive pricing. In the due course of time, Braindigit has grown up to include web application development in Dot Net framework, Ruby on Rails and mobile platforms (Android, iOS and windows phone). In order to cope with the changing needs and type of work BRAINDIGIT consists of three subsidiaries namely- Gobingoo.com, Cssbingo.com and Sageframe.com. Furthermore, Cssbingo is engaged in developing irresistible templates, mainly for Braindigit’s products namely Listbingo, SageFrame, AspxCommerce and mobile apps.
      Braindigit is also running Web Road Show to encourage IT students to build their webpage to completion in various colleges. They are collaborating with Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal to provide training free cost for IT and Engineering Students.I am not an advertiser of BrainDigit but a student who learnt lots from them free of cost. I don’t think there are IT companies in Nepal providing free additional courses for IT Students to cover-up gap in between Nepali Academic Certification and Professional life.These may be the reasons why it is in top three position i think.

      • Lwaal … last hasaucha yaar … Yomari jasko turnover minimum 7-10 crores huncha tyo chai 6th ma ani BrainDigit chai 3rd ma? TOIT … aile I just started a new company named Everestlist Baulayo Pvt Ltd. It is on rank #1.

    • Dhoom machao holi manao , pyar se sabke gale mil ao.Waise to 2008 bahut hi bakaws raha , par is bar holi mein 2009 ke liye kuch khas banao,Bhul jao recession ka gam ,Kyunki picture abhi baki hai mere dost.Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous holi this year.

  1. I think it must be based on the turnover the company makes. If the surveyor do analysis from the data from Inland Revenue or Tax Office, exact ranking will come.

    • I dont think this list as joke.. this list is about IT Companies not Design Studio. Be eligible for being in top 100, better luck next time…

    • Anna Posted on Wish I could have gone with you guys. I always want to look back at Hunter and then I alsomt fall over. Typical me LOVE these pictures of the ride.

  2. Dear all,
    I think some of good companies are missing and some of results are really laugh making :)
    Results are overall ok but not the exact based on ????

    • about who we are we can’t help but be transformed ideitnty is such an empowering (or disabling) force in our lives. To change a quote as a man thinks he is, so he is! The quote from C.S. Lewis this morning by Bill in his message on being empowered by abiding (remaining) in Christ spoke directly to this when Lewis said I will give you a new self instead, in fact I will give you Myself (as close as I can recall). All in Christ are a New Self.After all as branches on the vine aren’t we an organic part of the whole vine we are mysteriously and wondrously one in Christ us in Him, Him in us this analogy is very profound indeed.I believe we need to define ourselves as who we really are in Christ and as we do this, we will think, feel & act more and more like Jesus the family resemblance will be evident for all to see!

  3. “BrainDigit, Big Idea Comes Naturally”, founded in 2008, is a team of IT professionals who have developed Content Management System named “SageFrame” based on Microsoft Platform.They are among the best-known web application developers in Joomla (PHP) for quality products and competitive pricing. In the due course of time, Braindigit has grown up to include web application development in Dot Net framework, Ruby on Rails and mobile platforms (Android, iOS and windows phone). In order to cope with the changing needs and type of work BRAINDIGIT consists of three subsidiaries namely- Gobingoo.com, Cssbingo.com and Sageframe.com. Furthermore, Cssbingo is engaged in developing irresistible templates, mainly for Braindigit’s products namely Listbingo, SageFrame, AspxCommerce and mobile apps.
    Braindigit is also running Web Road Show to encourage IT students to build their webpage to completion in various colleges. They are collaborating with Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal to provide training free cost for IT and Engineering Students.I am not an advertiser of BrainDigit but a student who learnt lots from them free of cost. I don’t think there are IT companies in Nepal providing free additional courses for IT Students to cover-up gap in between Nepali Academic Certification and Professional life.These may be the reasons why it is in top three position i think.

  4. SCT in 78???
    Codemandu in 82??????

    Your are a lazy , half-filled vessel……. do your research right….I know you for that company in the third place with a weird name……

    Go get some sleep dude ..and please dont make such bullshit rankings…..

      • Hi! I haven’t tried Cooking Light, but America’s Test Kitchen has been very good to me. I’ll let you know when I try something. It may be a while, we’re gernaig up for start of school and start of performing season for me. And then of course that whole baby thing is happening in a few short months.

        • Totally with you on the insecurity thing. I’m very ssntieive to the macho side of travel writing and blogging and sometimes fall prey to the notion that I should take my kids on an 18-month trip where we use no fossil fuels, read all of Shakespeare’s plays, and remotely teach a second-grade class via our solar-powered laptop. Heck, I traveled for 13 months with a one-year-old, wrote a book about it, and was told by numerous New York editors that even though they liked my writing they didn’t think it would sell because the travel I did wasn’t exotic enough apparently conventional wisdom (or the marketing people at large publishing companies anyway) say that parents as a group only want to read about travel they wouldn’t actually undertake themselves.But you know, what I come back to is how many people I’ve met IRL or online who’ve been inspired by travel bloggers to try traveling AT ALL with their children. I mean up the street, not round the world. You’ve got me thinking about how to write honestly about the last trip we just took (three days in PA). It was fun, but also kind of stressful and crabby and expensive. I’m glad we went (and so are the kids) but I didn’t write about it from the road as I intended because the trip itself just knocked me out. And it wasn’t complicated or exotic. I think that traveling with kids presents a set of challenges that can make it hard to always be blogging. I try to cut myself lots of slack about the times when I just don’t get that post written. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I try to focus on the posts I *do* write and the trips I *do* take. The stuff that doesn’t get written, the trips I don’t get to go on? Well, they don’t exist and the world still keeps revolving.Carolina, your blog is beautiful, your writing is terrific, and I like reading about the things you do with your son whenever and wherever they happen.

  5. This is totally crap. Either the voteout was biased . People begging for votes in their circle specially through facebook. Guys at the other companies didn’t even know about the voting or didn’t care about.

    Please don’t post these kind of biased statistics.

  6. Please vote for creativity. Almost all of the companies above didn’t even bring a genuine idea of their own. They either implemented what was already there in foreign countries specially USA and thought they had brought something new. If you think you are good enough bring something novel and good for the people not just for the company just like Sprout did, then you are something.

    These companies like verisk health, deerwalk etc they are money oriented, investing only in lucrative projects. I do appreciate the fact that they provide employment opportunities to so many young IT professionals. But be creative guys. It’s something that our country needs a lot.

    • Have you been in the store recently? I just was there last week and the detncarioos they have on display are gorgeous. I asked the sales guy what they do with the displays when the season is over and I felt bitter/sweet to hear that they reuse them for future displays. Great that they reuse, but man I want them too!!

    • Indeed they are good. There customer supoprt is good and there merchant gateway is also amazing that allows me to sell online to world. I dont really use that gateway to sell but to collect all payments directly online from my website.

  7. It is a joke. This should have at least considered the following things.
    1. Number of employees.
    2. Salaries to employees.

  8. People, lets appreciate the effort. I have been in the industry for last 17 years and for the first time I now know the list of major players in the IT field. I tried getting the list from CAN but failed time and time again. These guys have done a great job. Lets accept it. Agree, ranking wise, there’s definitely a lot of room for debate.

    So why not make use of this forum to say why a certain company needs to be up in the list. The criteria for selection has been clearly mentioned – so we can easily make our point based on those criterion measures. Quite frankly, this is something I was looking for ages and appreciate this endeavor of DWIT or Deerwalk. ( Is it the same or different? )

    • Hey Salu,I don’t know what is you problem? Are you narorw minded or negative thinker? What you have knowledge about our blogger’s meeting and blogan? What do you think? I don’t like to give clearification about ourselves coz there is no need. What do you think- the child can run or it has to run immediately when it comes to the earth? Is it possible to invite and gather all the bloggers from all arround the Nepal in kathmandu or we have to visit all arround the country to make it really neaplivoices? If you think so than i woule like to tell you that we can’t gather the bloggers from all arround the country in our own steps coz we are not here to show our financial strengths personally and organizingly, many of us are students and from the profession which only fulfill our basic needs. So, i am sorry to say that we are not capable as you and as your thinking. In the case of volunteer participation, there is open to participate not only from arround the country but also from accross the country.And, this is only the begining. We are trying the best from our sides and hope that within the year, we can gather maximum numbers of bloggers from all arround the country. Voices always first raised from the one or two people and it it blows as the wind from one from two, two from four and four from sixteen.Yes, it is right in some extend that most of the bloggers only write about themselves. Do you really know the meaning of blogging? If you have known about it then you wouldn’t have questioned as like such nonsence? Blog is the completely personal feelings and interest. Who likes what. There are many blogs who write in the field of politics, social, economic, information technology etc. Search all the blogs. First understand better and study better about the blogs and the bloggers. Develop positive thinking and positive attitude.To blame or to tag wrong before it’s operation is nothing more than poisioning the well .

  9. there were like hundreds of emails requesting to fill the form and submit but it was not even official. We even dont know why this survey is being done and for what purpose. We completely ignored the requests. The list is really a big laugh out and people should really have an objective and ultimately a sensible reason if there are that concerned to publish the list. THis is a total nonsense…………

  10. This shows employee of company’s such as Verisk, Deerwalk are found doing all this sort of cheap publicity activity. Does this survey even matter, it’s like Miss India winning the multimedia award just because she was asked to vote by her fellow countrymen… laughing stock you are!

  11. This is a real biased survey conducted by Deerwalk affiliation. They don’t even have proper data. Due to lack of participation, they have included companies that are not even in IT industry. They have included graphics and animation studios in their list. It just shows their lack of knowledge in the IT industry. What a shame. Will do anything to hi-light their intentions.

  12. asmita, which is ur company, could you not fill the list ? you have not even mentioned ur company, why hiding details

  13. Nikesh / Amita and others– why is this huge negative uproar here. Please write about your company, it will be added next year. This is an annual list. This is our first attempt and we apologize for any error here. We tried hard. But companies were not cooperating with us. Purpose of this list is to help students and job hunters in Nepal to find right companies for them. No wonder, Deerwalk and Verisk are on the top. Who can challenge them, please name one. Let us learn to appreciate this free work.

  14. Looking at the above comments, it appears things work in two extremes. Either one feels that his/her company should be right on top of the list or should not feature at all! In a way that’s obvious.

    As far as free publicity is concerned, I do not think Nepalese IT companies are nowhere near where surveys like these studies matter. But then shouldn’t this free flow of information start somewhere? The very reason company like Verisk is at top is because they have nothing to hide and is open to sharing information unlike many others. I agree that voting alone is the most inappropriate way of ranking but what do you do with companies that have are not even registered and maintain two books of accounts for obvious reasons. A good reasoning on behalf of any company might help promote the company OR else for the lack of any similar reference this LIST will be referred by many in days to come.

    Hence I absolutely agree with the moderators of EverestList when they say the information is to help everyone starting with a fresh graduate who may not have any idea of the industry to someone who wants to make a switch. So, unless there’s a substantial reasoning on your part – its nothing more than casual/reckless remark that wont mean a thing. So lets do it in a way that helps, and of course if you really can make a case for whatever you say – something like Braindigit did and that helped me understand what they do! Lets not loose this opportunity and try rise above all our inherent hypocrisy.

    Btw, I work in a company which is not even registered at all and I do make money in Euros working in a team of 15! In that manner I have a choice of making a case that my company needs to right on top ( productivity / ROI / Output per Engineer) but I wont! Neither will I dare say this entire list is a ‘joke’. No I won’t.

  15. The list is really funny. Looks like whichever company sent the mandatory circular to its employee to vote for, got into the list and others did not make it.

    It misses out very good companies in top 10 while few of the very odd ones to the top 10 list. For example: Braindigit, Yomari, Cad Nepal, Janaki Technology, Eval Technology will never make to top 10 if you make a fair analysis from any of the dimension that you would like to set for the research.

    Just vote count does not comply to qualify for top list, if it does, it will always keep on pointing to some misleading information like this.

  16. I never sent any circular to staff to vote for; I made just humble request to vote.

    Yomari always pays tax, just hide bit of it.

    We have very large income from black and white businesses; so we really give a damm shit how much the software business make.

    • e.l Posted on For one thing unless they’re puilhsbed you mean writers’.Only you can decide when, as it needs to fit round you and your members’ schedules.

      • these are seriously adobrale, to bad we need ornaments like we need a hole in our heads. My mother-in-law puts one on each gift every year and not only that we have so many that we each came into the marriage with. WE literally have 2 huge boxes worth…ahhh :) May have to start weeding some out for these!

      • Hello Admin. i am from pokhara. i did click on ueeirvfind option in my Alertpay A/C. appear Complete Option A or B to verify your Payza account:when i clicked option: A.Bank Transfer or Bank Wire (SWIFT) Deposit:I selected :bank account, and clicked Add a bank account Admin, there is not our country Nepal list.so which option should i choose to verified my payza a/c with NIBL?anddoes it need both visa card and bank account to verified it?i will quite happily, if you reply my question.with regardsBishnu (Pokhara)

  17. As John said we dont see itechnepal dot com in this list, so Admin, any vision to have another list by side who were not able to send us their nominations

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  19. i read all the comments and reply above,Me Bishal Goley is new comer in this field,i judge above comments in three aspects, 1.Gathering of IT professional 2.Advantages of Everest list 2.Drawbacks .

    Gathering of IT Professionals:-
    most interesting moment i saw is the all the IT experts , Senior Programmers, visited this site and expressed their views about the IT companies of Nepal,Is there any possibility that all of u gather together like this,and is there any plate form that assembles all the views of IT Professionals,coz in my view the IT professionals are those person after being experts or senior level developer , who gives damn to each other,all professionals have own business ,own strategy , own life , there is no possibilities of giving concern about other , think about others, just they have unique lifestyles, i suggest that if we are crazy in this business then we have to think that all the professional be together to achieve common benefits, In the aspect of gathering all the IT professional is good one.

    2.Advantages of this list is that at the beginner as me it is advantages over me as , how can i find 100 IT company on my own , do i know all the company name , address , how can i find 100, it is almost hard to find out 100 company on my own , this is good that i can visit the 100 company then , i can decide here where i’m going ,i have own desire that i do not interested to go top 10 company of nepal,achieving information about the IT companies in this aspect it is good list.

    3.Drawbacks:-as mentioned above 70% result was survey , it means survey carries 70% decision but the question is was it fairly done?,Is the survey carry 70% weights??,how the voting can decide the strength of the IT Company? not only for the IT Company how about the IT college? voting can decide which college is good or bad ,the technique of voting is never have fair results , its basic natures is unfair , so admin if u are very interested on this , you should only keep the survey 100%,survey should be covers ,No. of employees,overall Transaction of the Year,Excellency of Software they Produced,Customer view using that companies software,mobilizing new Technology,salary benefits to the Programmers,IT professionals,being the part of the company the view of the software developer as they satisfied or not, these are the basic survey strategy be followed out, for this big human resource is needed,then one thing in next year survey u should include remaining all the software companies of the Nepal, then the comments above are filled with thanks , thank u very much,great job etc

      • Becky Scoggins – Hi .Just to let you know I do believe God can heal & use all of us who are winlilg to step up. Thank you so much for your message before you left. We were moved & blessed by your spirit. May God continue to use you mightily .as you keep obeying Him.In HIM becky

    • Happy Holi to all of you aap sabhi ko holi mubarak ho is din sabse pyara rang pyar ka rang hota h bus to deri kis baat ki rang dalo apno ko apne pyar ke rango se or khud bhi sath mai ..????

    • If the person was your fernid, they would probably be happy to hear from you. It would be a pleasant surprise to reconnect.If they don’t reply, it could be the wrong email address or an email address that they no longer use.I use it every day.

    • Great post. I was checking cniuontously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    • LaL apke galon k liye, KALA apke balon k liye, NILA Apke ankhon k liye, GULABI sapno k liye, SAFED apke man ke liye, HARA apke jivan k liye.. HOLI k in saat RANGON’ K saath apki jigndi rangin ho .. Wishing you all a VERY VERY HAPPY AND COLORFUL HOLI

    • DANIELLE: I was in the store on Monday but i went to pick up two side tables and didnt rellay look around. Im looking forward to taking a look at all the Holiday stuff soon though! Their displays are cute…Ive asked the same things haha

  20. I’m amazed to view your list of IT Companies in Nepal. You’ve just scrambled over the companies here and there. And this is not the correct list, i suppose. You’ve not listed many other software companies those with growing standards and clients.

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