Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

Everest T00 Top IT Companies

The wait is over! The result of the first ever survey of IT companies in Nepal is out.  We officially have the list of 100 Top IT companies in Nepal.  Out of the 100, the top 10 list is based on survey results combined with popular voting. The ranking of the remaining 90 is based solely on voting.

The Background

An open voting forum was posted on a popular blog, EverestUncensored.Org in February 2012 with a list of 100 companies. Requests for adding companies to that list came from different parts of the country and a further 33 companies were added. The soaring interest in and enthusiastic responses to the list inspired us to start a new ranking site and a fresh voting was started in EverestList.org in May 2012.  Then, we felt the need for undertaking a survey of the companies to arrive at a fairer ranking based on various parameters and not just on popular voting. Our partner Deerwalk Institute of Technology coordinated the survey on our behalf.

The Survey

The survey questionnaires were designed to get basic information related with a software firm without getting into confidential ‘core corporate information’. Some of the information collected were: Number of Employees, Working Days, Work Hours, Average Salary, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Medical Benefits, Pickup/Drop Facility, Canteen Facility/Subsidy, Stock Options, Internet Connectivity, Internet Backup, Power Backup, Business Continuity, Business Model, etc.

The Ranking

Ranking for the top 10 was based on the following weights: Survey Results (70%); EverestList Voting Results (20%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%). Ranking for the remaining 90 was based on the following weights: EverestList Voting Results (50%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%).

The Results

Verisk Information Technologies, formerly D2HawkeyeServices, has emerged as the top IT company in Nepal for the year 2012.  Congratulations! Incidentally, this company has the highest number of employees in the IT industry in Nepal. Verisk Information Technologies is a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, Inc, USA.

Deerwalk Services has taken the second position. Although a relatively young company, Deerwalk is one of the fastest growing companies in Nepal and is building various products targeting the US Healthcare industry. Deerwalk Services is a subsidiary of Deerwalk, Inc, USA.

BrainDigit IT Solution has secured the third position. Interestingly, this company too happens to be relatively young company. BrainDigit IT Solution is a subsidiary of BrainDigit Technologies Corporation, Canada.

The top 10 IT companies in Nepal for the year 2012 are:

Rank Company Logo
Verisk Information Technologies
Deerwalk Services
BrainDigit IT Solution
Sprout Technology
WebSearch Professional
CAD Nepal
Janaki Technology
Eval Technologies
HiTech Solutions & Services

The remaining 90 top companies in Nepal for the year 2012 are:

Rank Company
11 Young Innovations
12 Imagine Web Solution
13 Smart Designs
14 F1Soft International
15 Bent Ray Technologies
16 Pracas Infosys
17 SoftNEP
18 Peace Nepal DOT Com
19 MountDigit Technology
20 Digital Max Solutions
21 Javra Software Nepal
22 Semicolon Developers Network 
23 Waituk
24 Pioneer Solutions Nepal
25 Bajra Technologies
26 IT Nepal
27 Curves n’ Colors
28 WorldLink Communications
29 CrossOver Nepal
30 ebPearls
31 Serving Minds
32 IT Offshore Nepal
33 Leapfrog Technology Nepal
34 Focusone Nepal
35 Jasper IT Solutions
36 Agile Solutions
37 Synergy Tech
38 LinkTree
39 Nepasoft Solutions
40 Mercantile Communications
41 Young Minds Creation
42 Centerpoint Networks
43 Alternative Technology
44 IT Himalaya
45 Swastik IT
46 Doodle Creation
47 Neolinx
48 TechnoSpace
49 Professional Computer System
50 Web Creation Nepal
51 Beltronix
53 Avenues Nepal
54 Best Nepal
55 Dreams & Ideas
56 Asteroid Venture
57 Unisoft Solutions
58 Zobysoft
59 WebTech Nepal
60 Lux Infotech
61 Ant Software
62 Arhant Solutions
63 Sabaiko Technologies
64 Yakso Technologies
65 Café SourceCode Nepal
66 Designco Nepal
67 Nepal Media Network
68 Datasphere IT Consultancy
69 Everest Net
70 Nexus Nepal
71 Techminds Network
72 e-Zone International
73 Data Analysis & Software Solutions
74 Nepal KC Consulting
75 Nepal Software Developer
76 Iweb Nepal Technologies
77 Orasoft
78 SmartChoice Technologies
79 Softwebs Nepal
80 Tulips Technologies
81 Website Design Nepal
82 Codemandu Software
83 Dryice Solutions
84 Nyatapol Technologies
85 Sparc Technologies
86 View Nepal
87 WORXpro
88 Capital Eye
89 Cyberlink
90 Incessant Rain Animation Studios
91 Nepal Web Development
92 New Harvest Softwares
93 Rigo Technologies
94 Radiant InfoTech Nepal
95 Easy Software
96 Gajur Technology
97 Colors to Web
98 Namaste Technology
99 Nepal Link Network
100 Shangrila Microsystem

Final Note

We would like to thank all the participating companies and the public in helping us arrive at this list. We would like to assure you that this competition is not in favor of any particular company and is solely an initiative to bring some light to the IT space in Nepal. It has been an arduous task to compile all data but, at the same time, we are excited by the responses we have had.

Come next year, we are confident that Nepalese IT firms will reach greater heights and we will also see emergence of new companies in our top list. And, finally, we were pleasantly surprised to find, during the course of the entire exercise, that this Everest 100 List happens to be the most comprehensive compilation of IT Companies in Nepal – something that never existed before.