Domestic Airlines of Nepal – 2016

1949 is a milestone in Nepalese aviation history. It marked the formal beginning of aviation in Nepal with the landing of a 4 seater lone powered vintage Beach-craft Bonanza aircraft of Indian Ambassador Mr. Sarjit Singh Mahathia at Gauchar. Following year, the first charter flight was run by Himalayan Aviation Dakota from Gauchar to Kolkata. However it was not until 1955, when King Mahendra first inaugurated Gauchar Airport and renamed it as Tribhuvan Airport. NAC ( formally known as Royal Nepal Airlines ) had a monopoly of all domestic flights.
The monopoly continued till the adoption of “Open Sky Policy” by Government of Nepal in 1992. Since then Nepal has seen more than three dozen private airlines operators emerge. While quite a few have disappeared from the market, some of them have been strengthening their fleet. This has resulted in increase of their over all flight numbers.

We present you with the list of top 10 domestic airlines of Nepal in terms of flight numbers in a calendar year.

The Results

The Everest Top 10 Domestic Airlines of Nepal (Flight Numbers) for the year 2015 are:

Rank Airline Logo Flights/Year
1. Buddha Air Buddha Air Buddha Air 1. Buddha Air
2. Yeti Airlines Yeti Airlines Yeti Airlines 2. Yeti Airlines
3. Tara Air Tara Air Tara Air 3. Tara Air
4. Simrik Airlines Simrik Airlines Simrik Airlines 4. Simrik Airlines
5.  Fishtail Air Fishtail Air Fishtail Air 5.  Fishtail Air
6. Saurya Airlines Saurya Airlines Saurya Airlines 6. Saurya Airlines
7. Nepal Airlines Nepal Airlines Nepal Airlines 7. Nepal Airlines
8. Goma Air Goma Air Goma Air 8. Goma Air
9. Manang Air Manang Air Manang Air 9. Manang Air
10. Shree Air Shree Air  Shree Air 10. Shree Air