About Us

EverestList Everest List is an initiative to compile definitive rankings of various entities in Nepal. Our methodology of ranking is primarily Voting and/or Survey.
EverestList Candidates Selection: We select candidates for our preliminary lists via various means of research. We accept suggestions from the public to add any candidates we may have missed, provided that the suggested candidates fulfill our pre-requisites.
EverestList Voting: Facebook users can login and vote on our lists. We understand that voting usually takes the form of popularity contests and, hence, we normally give a lesser weight to Voting than to Survey results.
EverestList Survey: Our Surveys are extensive with many parameters for different lists. Where possible, we cross-check the validity of any questionable results.
EverestList Final Ranking: We do our utmost to ensure that our final ranking is fair and trustworthy.
  We are open to suggestions regarding our lists, methodologies, and the site in general. Contact us if you have any feedback.