Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

Everest T00 Top IT Companies

The wait is over! The result of the first ever survey of IT companies in Nepal is out.  We officially have the list of 100 Top IT companies in Nepal.  Out of the 100, the top 10 list is based on survey results combined with popular voting. The ranking of the remaining 90 is based solely on voting.

The Background

An open voting forum was posted on a popular blog, EverestUncensored.Org in February 2012 with a list of 100 companies. Requests for adding companies to that list came from different parts of the country and a further 33 companies were added. The soaring interest in and enthusiastic responses to the list inspired us to start a new ranking site and a fresh voting was started in EverestList.org in May 2012.  Then, we felt the need for undertaking a survey of the companies to arrive at a fairer ranking based on various parameters and not just on popular voting. Our partner Deerwalk Institute of Technology coordinated the survey on our behalf.

The Survey

The survey questionnaires were designed to get basic information related with a software firm without getting into confidential ‘core corporate information’. Some of the information collected were: Number of Employees, Working Days, Work Hours, Average Salary, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Medical Benefits, Pickup/Drop Facility, Canteen Facility/Subsidy, Stock Options, Internet Connectivity, Internet Backup, Power Backup, Business Continuity, Business Model, etc.

The Ranking

Ranking for the top 10 was based on the following weights: Survey Results (70%); EverestList Voting Results (20%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%). Ranking for the remaining 90 was based on the following weights: EverestList Voting Results (50%); EverestUncensored Voting Results (10%).

The Results

Verisk Information Technologies, formerly D2HawkeyeServices, has emerged as the top IT company in Nepal for the year 2012.  Congratulations! Incidentally, this company has the highest number of employees in the IT industry in Nepal. Verisk Information Technologies is a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, Inc, USA.

Deerwalk Services has taken the second position. Although a relatively young company, Deerwalk is one of the fastest growing companies in Nepal and is building various products targeting the US Healthcare industry. Deerwalk Services is a subsidiary of Deerwalk, Inc, USA.

BrainDigit IT Solution has secured the third position. Interestingly, this company too happens to be relatively young company. BrainDigit IT Solution is a subsidiary of BrainDigit Technologies Corporation, Canada.

The top 10 IT companies in Nepal for the year 2012 are:

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